亀戸アートセンター ( KAC )


会期中、展示作家 のデザインをシルクスクリーンプリントできるイベントも同時に開催しております。多少、Tシャツ、布バックのご用意ありますが、お持ちいただいたTシャツ、布バッグ、トレーナーなど綿100%素材のもの、もしくは高熱に耐えうる素材で平なもの(紙以外)にプリントいたします。


Kameido Art center

This is an art gallery run by Takumi Ishibe and Nanami Ishibe.

During the exhibition, we are also holding an event at the same time where you can silk-screen print the designs of the exhibiting artists. We will print on T-shirts, cloth bags, sweatshirts, etc. that are made of 100% cotton, or flat items (other than paper) made of materials that can withstand high heat.

*We will announce the details on our website and SNS as soon as they are finalized.